How to Support a Depressed Person ?


Depression, disability and misbehavior, can put relationships at risk, if not treated. A person living with a depressed person may feel mistreated and deprived of something, and he or she may take the path of neglect. At times, she may even feel the need to walk on eggs because of the mood and reaction of the depressed person. But, it is important to understand that a little care and some effort, can save relationships. Here are some steps that can help to increase your support for the depressed person:

Trying to be there for them:

How to Support a Depressed Person
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Depression can be depressing for depressed people and their loved ones. Yet, one can still provide support by holding hands, giving assurance that everything will be all right with the eyes, or by giving a small back. One can also say comforting statements like, “You are not alone in all this,” “We will definitely find a way together” or “You are very important to me.”

Trying to move a small amount of love:

How to Support a Depressed Person
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Some people are not comfortable with emotional expressions. They can also extend their support by trying to touch such as packing the distressed lunch, leaving care or a note of love in the lunch box, sending them texts after regular intervals, helping them with laundry, buying food with them, escorting them to their travels, etc.

Avoid judgment or criticism:

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It can be a great temptation to tell someone who is in depression or sensitive; yet, these words can pierce a person’s self-confidence. Thus, this should be avoided Depression is a serious illness that can be overcome by a change in attitude or by developing strong energy. It is important for a friend or loved one to confirm the feelings and emotions of the depressed person so that the latter can think forward.

Focusing on self-care:

how to support a depressed person
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Often, depressed people find it difficult to focus on their self-care. They may not get out of bed all day, they may not eat, they may not wash for days, etc. This is the time when a friend or loved one can come in and help them make their bed, eat hot and nutritious food, take a shower, exercise, and meditate.

Watch comedy TV shows or Movies:

how to support a depressed person
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Doing the silly thing can sometimes make you feel good. Watch comedy shows, reality shows, and comedy movies that can give a beautiful smile to your face. The more you are happy; the more you will be able to fight stress, depression, and anxiety. Do not think that we are talking childishly.

There are times when you need to forget your age and go back to your rainbow days when you were a child and your parents loved and cared for you. It is often seen that both husband and wife end up ruining the happiness of their child or other household responsibilities. So, it is always better to feel like a child.

Giving them a reward rather punishing:

how to support a depressed person
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Threatening a depressed person by saying things like, “if you will not take care of yourself, eat dinner and go to bed on time, I’ll end this relationship,” is a very impolite way to tell them it’s so scary. Instead, one should use rewarding and encouraging statements to support the depressed person like “Oh! Get up early, will we run?” or “Wow you cooked food, may I help with the dishes?”

Encouraging them to challenge their negative thinking processes:

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Depressed people have bad thinking patterns. It is important that a friend or loved one helps them to ask these questions. For example, if they say, “I’m nothing,” or “I’m bad,” the person should ask them what makes them think so and this conversation should be helpful in breaking down the negative ways.

Depression is treatable
Depression is treatable and one should not challenge the power of treatment. While self-help and support systems can help reduce symptoms, nothing can be as helpful as treatments such as psychotherapy and medication. Thus, one should help and support the depressed to get treatment.

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